Baseline Agreement

The contractual basis of reference (summary of the contract) is a summary of the contractual terms that focus on those directly involved in the implementation of the project (work volume, responsibility, payment and modification management, etc.) and are prepared for the language and terminology of the project, rather with legal terminology. The contractual basis of the basic document should be developed by a project manager (MP) and verified by a legal expert before publishing it and published as a background document for key project members. Implementation of the baseline: The project base should be approved by company management prior to implementation and it is recommended to have an agreement with the owner. The basic document is a basis for the execution of the project, the document should allow project key staff to easily access. Project Baseline is a basis of contractual responsibility that was clearly defined and agreed between contractors prior to the project launch and provides a fundamental basis for measuring the integrity of the project. The project base is a project management and piloting tool that aims to give all internal and external members of the project a good understanding of the project. In order to support this, a basic and enterprise agreement between the business improvement zone and the local authority is established within the framework of the establishment of an IDB, valid for the duration of the period. Project Execution Plan (PEP) is one of the project`s basic documents and the corresponding document for the operation and management of the project, which appropriately defines what is being done to meet project requirements and contractual requirements. The PIP should describe, in a strategic and tactical way, a project-specific plan that addresses the most effective approach and maximizes the effectiveness of project implementation, project-specific measures that meet project objectives, the clear scope of work and other critical responsibilities, as agreed in the contract, as well as the detailed project risk management plan. , including exhibits and mitigation plans, evaluated and evaluated during the proposal phase. and action plans for the implementation of projects in accord with the company`s risk management procedure.

The PIP is developed by project priorities under the direction of the project manager. The PIP should be approved by management before it is published or implemented. The PIP is a live document that should be updated with current and future project plans and procedures. The enterprise agreement includes the basic agreement – the proposed services programme to be included in the IDB – should clearly be in addition to the agreements made available by local authorities and complement the work already under way and not be used to replace existing public services. The Level of Benefits (SOS) is an (intangible) service based on experience and knowledge. THE SOS background document is a brief overview of the services to be provided, including activities of specific importance in the areas of project management, engineering, purchasing service and construction management, etc. The basic SOS document can be indicated as an estimated amount of resources and mobilization plan. The amount of the facility (SOF) consists mainly of tangible assets and is part of the volume of work (SOW).

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