Licensing Agreement Books

The ninth edition of contract contracts for patent licensing provides an up-to-date overview of all legal issues related to licensing, including patent depletion, agreements, bankruptcy, bayh-dole, export control, UCC, ANDA invoices and FRAND licensing. The standard provisions contain references to the applicable legal and practical consequences. Among the most important cases treated are Impression Prod. v. Lexmark Int`l, Inc. Kimble v. Marvel Entertainment LLC; FTC vs. Actavis Inc. (and its offspring); Mission Products Holdings v. Tempnology, LLC; Dodocase VR, Inc. MerchSource; TCL v Ericsson; Unwired Planet Int`l Ltd. v Huawei Tech.

Co. Ltd. and FTC v. Qualcomm. An appendix (print and electronic) contains 200 standard clauses and forms, including standard licensing agreements, confidential disclosure agreements, employment contracts and more. The collections of books on MUSE contain both front list and backlist monographs of participating publishers, and some books may be put up for sale before publication. For new titles, Project MUSE will do everything in its power to provide access to digital versions of the books within two weeks of receiving the publishing house`s files. Each book collection is offered with a guaranteed number of e-books delivered at the purchase price; there is no guarantee that certain book titles will be included in a given collection. If Project MUSE delivers fewer books than is guaranteed when purchasing a book collection, the buyer will be offered a credit corresponding to the percentage of the price paid by the deficit relative to the guaranteed number of books. The successful execution of this sales contract provides for the purchase of unlimited MUSE book collections and/or individual e-books on Project MUSE. On request, this agreement can be amended to list specific book collections or individual e-books that the buyer has acquired over time. For access to be possible, the purchaser must provide technical and administrative data on his campus or on his institution, either via Project MUSE`s online order form, through his e-book provider with a title, or by another mutually agreed method.

After receiving a full order form, JHUP allows the buyer to access the contents of the corresponding e-books. If the full purchase price is paid in full in accordance with Point VI, the buyer reserves the right to indefinitely access the digital version of the e-books purchased on the De Project MUSE server. As long as the buyer has purchased e-books on MUSE in the previous 24 months or has an active subscription to a Project MUSE Journal Collection (s), permanent access to previously purchased e-books is made available free of charge on the Project MUSE server. If the buyer is not an active subscriber to a Project MUSE Journal collection and has not purchased other e-books from MUSE in the past 24 months, JHUP reserves the right to collect a reasonable annual fee to recover access and customer support fees on the Project MUSE platform. Individual securities can also be purchased through an evidence-based acquisition (EBA). An amendment to this agreement may provide details of any EBA agreement between the purchaser and JHUP.

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