Commercial Rental Agreement Pakistan

So don`t let the word “legal process” discourage you from renting your country for commercial use in Pakistan, as rental agreements are pretty easy to understand if you know the right person doing the job for you. Have you ever rented your property for commercial purposes? Share your experiences with us on [email protected] If you want more advice on renting and selling, visit the zameen Blog – Pakistan #1 real estate site. Show us your support and love by liking our Facebook page and subscribing to our newsletter. We`ve already shared a step-by-step guide on renting a home to generate additional income. However, this blog is specifically for worried homeowners, who have a lot of questions about how they can use their business land for rental income. Don`t worry, because from finding the right person you can trust your property to the most important questions of potential tenants, we`ve covered them! Here is all the information that landlords need to have before renting commercial real estate in Pakistan: F: Can a landlord have their property evacuated by a tenant by filing a petition if there is no written tenancy agreement between the landlord and the tenant? A: No application for eviction of the tenant is competent under the Punjab Pension Act, 2009 unless the lease is in writing. Therefore, an action in possession in a civil court has jurisdiction. One of the main mistakes made by landlords in renting their property for commercial purposes in Pakistan is that cases are not settled in court and agreements are not registered at the local town hall. Under Pakistan`s Rent Control Act, the government does not have a commercial lease and a lease that is not legally enforced.

As soon as you have found a trustworthy tenant and the deed has been drafted, do not forget to register the commercial lease with the relevant authority by paying stamp duty and registration fees. In general scenarios, the costs are borne by the tenant, but there is no such rule – landlords and tenants can allocate the costs according to their mutual understanding. Rental or leasing contracts are a kind of long-term investment that is very popular in the Pakistani real estate market….

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