Learning Agreement Italiano

The student must download the final version of the complete learning agreement with signatures on ALMARM. Only when the offices have validated the document will you be able to download the certificate at the end of the period and apply for recognition of the activities carried out abroad. The call for tenders lists the types of institutions and organisations with which the internship can be carried out. The Learning Agreement (LA) is a document that defines the program to be followed abroad. The student must then first agree with the Erasmus delegate of his department on the exams he wishes to take abroad (or, more generally, the training he intends to follow), complete and sign the LA form. The document is only valid if it is signed by the Erasmus delegate of the division and the Erasmus delegate of the host university. The training programme provided for in the apprenticeship agreement must be supplemented by the acquisition of at least 70% of the appropriations provided for – 42 credits if the mobility is one year, 21 if it is a semester and 14 if it is a quarter – otherwise atheno evaluates the measures to be taken on a case-by-case basis. In the learning agreement, you must specify the course (or courses) you want to take abroad as a replacement for each program by identifying the match groups. The learning agreement may include all examinations in the programme that have not yet been passed or passed (five not only the year in which the experience will take place abroad, but also, where applicable, the tests of the previous year, if they have not yet been passed, or of the following year). .

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