Lime Rider Agreement

“Not only may a driver not be insured and may have to pay damage out of pocket, if the injured person has sued the owner or the municipal administration, the driver may have to bear the legal costs of the owner or the municipal administration and any damages he pays,” Morris wrote. “Bird is committed to partnering with cities to ensure that the municipality and its visitors use our affordable and environmentally friendly transportation option. We strive to improve and improve the well-being of our drivers and communities by taking concrete steps, including: asking drivers to download a driver`s license and confirm that they are 18 years of age or older, providing an in-app tutorial for riding and parking a bird, and posting clear safety guidelines for each bird. In addition, Bird recently created the Global Safety Advisory Board, which will create, advise and implement global programs, campaigns and products to improve the safety of those who ride Birds and other electric scooters. “At Lime, the safety of our drivers and the community is a top priority. That`s why we develop innovations in technology, infrastructure and education every day to set the safety standards for micromobility. Problems with electric scooters in Brisbane have so far been limited to the fact that the drivers themselves have been injured, and in one case, a man died after falling from a scooter he was driving. One of the reasons shared electric scooters have become so popular is that they are dockless and can be emptied anywhere. When electric scooter drivers reach their destination and leave, they often leave the electric scooter in a place that can harass others or trip them in passing.

“Electric scooter drivers are not allowed to drive on roads with speed limits above 50 km/h and must stand to the left of a road or footpath to avoid any risk of traffic,” Roche wrote. This study showed that only 4.4% of drivers were wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. Lerer said it initially turned down cases of scooter violations because user agreements so deeply restrict the legal liability of scooter companies. Frequent injuries in an electric scooter accident are terribly serious, especially when the driver of the electric scooter was injured and was not wearing a helmet. Both Lime and Neuron have detailed user agreements on their websites, which specify that they do not assume any third-party liability for injury or damage caused by the use of their scooters. “In some situations where Lime is not technically responsible, we have the opportunity to support drivers,” Savanh said. The user agreements that e-scooter sharing companies require of drivers before they can rent an electric scooter are a key element in determining who is responsible for an electric scooter accident and should therefore pay compensation for the resulting injuries. These user agreements are binding contracts between the driver and the electric scooter sharing company and make great efforts to waive the company`s liability in the event of an accident. .

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