Mt101 Agreements

Hello. We have a permanent problem with bank charges. Whenever we receive money from the Dubai-based sender and receive money in Kazakshtan, the fee is always charged by us (recipients), although the sender indicates “OUR” in the MT101 field. This is sent by bank transfer and not through an ERP system. I heard that there was an option of “OUROUR” in the MT101. It`s true? If not, you can discuss how to resolve this issue. We are an airline. Thank you in advance. Typical uses of swift MT101 Request for Transfer by Corporates I am a banker and I work in the credit department. During my marketing visits.

Some clients of multinationals have told me that your bank must have mt101, otherwise we will not be able to deal with you. This was the first time I learned about it, as I enjoyed reading your statement above. Think I have to recommend my bank to subscribe to MT101. Among the costs, it is limited to the subscription, or we have to modify our computer system to cope with it, or it does not need it. Thanks: 20:123456789:28D:1/1:50H:/GB12SEPA12341231224122234112 CUST COMMAND NAME CUST ADD 1 CUST COMMAND ADDR LINE 2 CUST COMMAND ADDR LINE 3:52A:BANKGB01XXX: 30:160211:21:11FEB2016INV1: 1 23E:URGP:32B:EUR123,45:57A:BANKGB02XXX:59:/GB12SEPA12341234123498 JAMES BOND ADDR LINE 1 SUPPLIER ADDR LINE 3:70:SUPPLIER-INV-REF1:77B:/BENEFRES/GB:71A:SHA -} We are currently implementing payments via SWIFT and have problems. Hello. What is the difference between MT101 and SEPA xml (Pain.001)? Can a European company send payment orders (for supplier payments) to its bank in these two formats? What are the main differences? Thank you yes, the date is the same for all payments included in a CAS 4 MT101: it`s simple. The concentrating bank (again in the role of the deposit bank) sends a SWIFT MT103 directly to the creditor bank. He overwhelms the account of Corp. AB and writes well to the creditor bank. The creditor bank can be another bank within a banking group or a bank accessible through an internal interbank clearing system. To maintain the proper number, the creditor is not represented.

I`m only reading mt`s today, so I`m sorry if my question is a breeze. The concentrating bank can play the role of either a deposit bank or a transport bank. It plays the role of: a b c d e f g i j k l m m n o p q r s t u v e p t t e p i i I J K L L M N O O P Q R S T U V W X Y 0 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 9 / : ( ). , + } CR LF Space Here is a simple example of a single MT101 message that pays EUR 123.45 from the GB12SEPA12SE1234122412121223123312331233X1XXX account to the provider (James Bond) on his GB12SEPA1234123441234498 account at BANKGB02XXX.

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