Taswater Enterprise Agreement

The proposed rollover agreement with the Enterprise Agreement (EA) was concluded last month with a. Read More After the conclusion of negotiations at the end of last year, your new business contract now has. Read more Negotiations for a replacement company agreement (all agreements will be consolidated. read more As members now know, negotiations for your new company agreement are now. read more EBA negotiations are fast approaching, since the agreement expires in June 2019. It leads to the top. Read more Wyndham City Council delegates, supported by ASU organizers, negotiated a deal. Read more Negotiations on a new company agreement continued on Thursday, June 27, 2019. There are. Read more Negotiations for your company agreement are underway with the city`s third meeting. Read more Voting on a proposed deal begins today.

Your union recommends that employees vote AGAINST. Read more ASU delegates and officials worked hard to reach an agreement on a fair company. Read more Vote for a new company contract concluded yesterday. An overwhelming number of employees sent to read more The management of the city of Hobart has decided that the company`s negotiations are at an impasse and are more read The organizers of TASSIE ASU will be busy negotiating new companies over the next 8 months. Read more With the support of HACSU, ASU continued to negotiate a new company agreement. Read more ASU has agreed with VicRoads on the provision of support to employees. Read More As members overwhelmingly rejected the FCC`s initial proposal for a new corporate deal, you are. Read more Your union is working hard to represent you in these difficult times.

Read your company agreement plus Hobson Bay City Council has put on the table an offer regarding your business. Read More We are pleased to inform you that we have entered into an agreement with VicRoads and the department. Read more ASU and strathbogie Shire management have entered into your contract for. Read More We are holding a meeting to support the ASU`s claims log for the upcoming company agreement. Read the Fair Work Commission publishes company agreements on this site. The vote on the Berry Street Enterprise Agreement is concluded and the agreement has been successfully concluded. Read more Company agreements are collective agreements concluded at company level between employers and workers on working and employment conditions. .

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