Tenancy Agreement Schedule 1

35 The rent may not be increased at intervals of less than twelve months from the beginning of the lease for the first increase or thereafter from the date of the last increase. 10 The rental agreement must be signed by the tenant and the lessor (or by his agents). Rental of premises in reasonable condition at the beginning of the lease 23A (1) At the end of the lease, a visit to the premises must be carried out in the presence of the owner and the tenant. (b) the lessor`s intention to terminate the lease in accordance with clause 91 in writing. (a) essentially in the same state of cleanliness, remove all the lessee`s property and all other property that has been brought into the premises during the term of the rental agreement; and (2) The rental agreement ends on the date indicated by the tenant. (d) not later than the day of notification of the termination, the lessor may apply to the court for an injunction to terminate the lease and evacuate the lessee; 3. If neither the lessor nor the lessee terminates the rental agreement, the rent shall be fixed for the period during which the premises cannot be used for the dwelling, but the lease shall be reinstated if it can be reused. (i) the date of two weeks following receipt of the security and the beginning of the lease; or (1) Sections 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 77, 78 and 79 of the Residential Tenancies Act 1980, as applicable immediately before this clause comes into force, continue to apply in respect of security paid under a lease under that Act before that date, until the amount of the security referred to in this Section is paid to the Authority. (2) An exclusion must be in writing and may, but must not, be included in the rental agreement (if in writing). (3) §§3A, 27B, 27C, Part 2 Divisions 1A, 1B and 1C, as well as §§35A and 65A, as inserted by the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2018, do not apply to a fixed-term lease or periodic lease within the meaning of subsection (1). 22 (1) The lessee shall examine the report and indicate on the report the agreement or nullity of the tenant with the property.

100 If two or more persons share a rental agreement, unless otherwise provided in this agreement, they do so as tenants. Despite the cancellation of section 16 by the Residential Tenancies (Amendment) Act 2002, a lease agreement drawn up in accordance with section 16, in the version in force immediately before its repeal, is not affected and the provisions relating to the immovable do not apply to that contract. 13 (1) Before the contract begins, the lessor shall provide the tenant with a copy of an information brochure on the rental of accommodation relationships, which have been approved by the Fair Trade Delegate. (c) services for which there is no separate measuring device, so that the quantities consumed during the rental period cannot be accurately determined; (a) the granting, renewal, transfer or renewal of a lease or sublease; (c) to properly maintain the premises and their contents and, taking into account their condition, to keep them properly clean at the time of the start of the rental and normal housing incidents. .

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